About Us

Welcome to the From Victim to Victor Community!

We all have the potential to live our best possible life but only if you are willing to change the way you think will you actually live it.

When you do start to change the way you think you will also realize that what you thought would be your best possible life is not even close to the potential you have inside of you and what you are about to unlock.

Through resources provided in this community, you will begin your journey and hit many milestones along the way. The journey does not end, though you may not believe it now, your life has the possibility to get continuously better.

Your repetitive thoughts become your beliefs, your beliefs become your expectations, your expectations dictate how you think, feel, and act.

This becomes your attitude directly impacts how you behave.

This pattern/program becomes your state of being.

Your state of being becomes your energy.

Your energy attracts like energy. Positive attracts positive, negative attracts negative.

To change your life and attract into your life how you would like, you must change your energy and it all starts with your thoughts.

Many people start off with Victim Mentality. The first step is to recognize this and then start the process of change.

This is the journey we take on a regular basis here in our community at Victim To Victor.